Emergence of behaviour in biological organisms

My research centers around understanding the generation of behaviour in living systems. Since this is a multifaceted problem I investigate different aspects in parallel:

  • Theory of learning and decision making based on internal models of complex environments (w. Vijay Balasubramanian)
  • Development of analysis methods to reveal low-dimensional structures in data of large biological networks (w. Ilya Nemenman)
  • Biomechanical generation of behaviour in simple organisms (w. Karen Alim)

Gravity, String Theory and Automorphic Functions

Prior to entering research in Biophysics at the end of 2016, I was working in a field commonly referred to as theoretical High Energy Physics. More precisely, I was working on research problems related to Gravity, String Theory and the mathematical theory of Automorphic Functions and I have extensively published on these topics (see my publications). I have also co-authored a book on the topic of “Eisenstein Series and Automorphic Representations’’, providing a survey of this vast subject with a focus on applications in String Theory. The book has been published by Cambridge University Press in July 2018.